26 lies tired parents tell

baby won't sleepI have a confession to make.

Since having babies I have become a big fat liar.

I am not proud of myself, but sometimes lying (and coffee, so much coffee) is the only way to survive  The truth would simply hurt too much (or make you look like a miserable twat) so telling the odd fib is a necessary evil.

If you are a tired parent, then here are a few untruths that you might recognise (or maybe I am  just a miserable twat):

Lies you tell friends, colleagues and the general public

 1: So sorry I can’t make it – the baby is sick.

I am too tired to face people today.

2: How embarrassing! I had no idea I had vomit on my shoulder!

I got these clothes out of the dirty laundry and hoped no one would notice the vomit.

3: Excuse the mess. I haven’t had time to clean today.

I have spent hours cleaning but my house still looks like crap.


4: I am so sorry I lost the invitation to your kid’s party.

I forgot to RSVP because I am tired and disorganised.

5: I haven’t had a shower for two days!

I haven’t had a shower for two weeks.

6: Sorry, I didn’t answer the phone I was feeding the baby.

I couldn’t be bothered with a conversation.

potato waffles


7: We don’t normally eat potato waffles but I can’t face cooking.

I hate cooking. We eat potato waffles all the time.

8: Oh sorry, my kids are always taking off their clothes!

I couldn’t be arsed to get the kids dressed today.

9: My baby is teething

My baby is being a pain in the arse.


10: I don’t usually give my child this amount of biscuits!

When there are no witnesses; I give her much more biscuits.

11: I only let my kids watch TV for an hour a day or when they are sick.

I let my kids watch TV when I need to cook dinner, take a shower, make coffee, tidy up or piss around on Facebook.

12: I look terrible I didn’t have time to do my hair and make up.

I have done my hair and make up but I still look like shit.

Lies you tell the kids

 13: There is no cereal left, so it’s toast today kids.

There are no clean bowls and I am not washing up.

14: It is bedtime now!

It is 6pm.

15: There are no biscuits.

There is one more biscuits but I want to eat it.

16: Elsa and Anna are dead. 

If I have to watch Frozen one more time I will scream.

17: That toy is broken.

That toy is annoying. I took the batteries out.

18: The soft play centre is closed.

I am NOT going to the soft play centre.

19: It is NOT morning yet.

It is 7.30am.

Lies you tell your partner


20: It is your turn to change the baby. I did it while you were in the bathroom.

I don’t want to change the baby because it smells really bad.

21: I am popping to the shop for milk.

I am popping to the shop so I can sit in the car park and play on my phone.

22: I am going to the toilet.

I am going to the bathroom to look on Facebook in peace.

23: I didn’t hear the baby.

I pretended to be asleep until you got up for the baby

24: I have been up ALL night.

I had about two hours of broken sleep.

25: She always sleeps better when you put her down. I don’t know how you do it!

She sleeps badly whoever puts her down but I really want to sit here and drink wine.

mother-and-daughter-871294330140HDOAnd the one that every mother will tell someone at one point…

26: I AM FINE!

I am not fine. The kids have been horrible today. I am tired. I have had not time to eat. My coffee is cold. I need everyone to leave me the hell alone for five minutes before I lose my shit.

DOES all this make me a bad person? I hope not. But when you are tired and stressed in charge of young children, it is a matter of survival! Please tell me it is not just me?

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21 thoughts on “26 lies tired parents tell

  1. You’ve been reading my brain. Except when you say it all the things sound funny. When I make it out the other side of the sleep deprivation phase I’ll remember this and tell all the people I’ve offended along the way that we were just having a laugh.

  2. Absolutely all of them! I Have a daughter who hasn’t slept through the night yet and manages 2-3 hours each time I lay her down. I’m a single working parent and exhausted!!! Oh yeah….shes 3! Any tips?

  3. I hear you sister! Add working full-time and being on call 24/7 as a vet to the above and you have a recipe for total chaos!!! Lies lies, beautiful (and very necessary) lies! On the other hand, I don’t think I would want it any other way!

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