Baby-Trapped: 9 ways to pass the time: Edition #5


Welcome to Baby-Trapped: Some things to entertain, inspire and pass the time when your baby won’t go the f*ck to sleep…

1) The Good news

Today is a big day. Tomorrow morning I will wake up to a new era.  After months and months of thinking about it and stressing about it, I made my decision and went for it….

I FINALLY PUT THE CLEAN WASHING AWAY.  LAUNDRY MEMENot just on the bed ready to ‘put away later’. But properly away in wardrobes and drawers and stuff.  Oh, I also made a decision on that other thing happening today. The EU referendum.
I finally found some UNBIASED information here so I actually made my vote based on something other than ‘the word Brexit is really bloody annoying’ or ‘The EU have banned my favourite extra sucky vacuum cleaner so when it breaks I will never be able to enjoy the power of extreme suction Panasonic again.’  Anyway, I voted REMAIN so any recommendations for an alternative hoovering system are welcome…more about my embarrassing decision making process here.

2) The bad news…

Another study (based on research taken from studying 4 babies, 2 kangaroo cubs and a tadpole so it is definitely accurate) was published claiming that letting babies cry themselves to sleep will not harm their health. (Ok,  It may not make them ill but I am pretty sure it will make them sad, scared or really pissed off so I will give it a miss, thank you). This, of course, led to a backlash of articles claiming that it will harm you baby. Thus, the whole broader sleep train or not to sleep train debate began again. So I wrote about it. When it comes to babies and  sleep -here is why I follow my instincts rather than the science. 

3) This book…

543e4912b674bBedtime stories in my house can go on FOREVER so I always like to find books that I enjoy reading as much as my kids love hearing them. BEFORE YOU SLEEP. The author Benji Bennett’s sadly lost his four-year-old son to an undiagnosed brain tumour, so he created this story to help parents share with their child how much they love them before they drift off to sleep. It is a lovely story and inspired me to be a bit less impatient at bed time! 

4) This tweet…

5) These reasons why they should always provide alcohol at kid’s parties

Other people’s kids are annoying, small talk sucks, there is always that one kid running around whacking everyone with a balloon and these other reasons

6) This. Blue wine is a thing and I am excited


7) This article…on why motherhood does NOT erase who we are

I have always believed that you do NOT lose yourself when you became a mother – you just become a stronger,  wiser and more tired version of yourself. While most of us occasionally mourn aspects of our pre-baby life – the hot coffee (without cheerio floaters as per this morning), the tidy house, the SLEEP- we do not miss our pre-baby self because she has NOT gone anywhere. She has not been erased – she has just evolved. This is what Janelle off Renegade Mothering has to say on the issue!

8) This handy guide…(following our first family camping trip). 

How to go camping with kids in one easy step.

1. Book a hotel.

9) And finally this….  my TOP 9 most annoying toys ever invented..


‘MUMMY CAN YOU OPEN THIS?’ – the toddler every 2 minutes..


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