The Woman Who Was ‘Just About Managing’ In A Shoe

When you feel really strongly about something so you plan to write an intelligent, strongly worded article that will CHANGE THE WORLD but…..this happens…


There once was a woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children; she didn’t know what to do
Why did she live in a shoe you may say?
Because rent for a house she could not pay,
She ‘just managed’ to put food on the table
Perhaps broth with bread, when she was able.

‘Why does she not get a job?’ People shout.
‘It’s not up to the state to sort her out,’
Go out to work, that is what she should do,
To avoid raising her kids in a shoe.
Why should taxpayers be made to pay
So she can sit at home every day?”

But what none of these people seem to know,
Is that out to work she cannot go.
She has a child at nursery and one at school
And one at home who is very small.
Even if she went to work every day,
She still could not afford to pay
Someone to take care of her brood,
Let alone pay rent or buy food.

“But she chose to have kids,’ people said.

“She reproduced so she made her bed!
“Unless your family earn a hefty sum
You do not have the right to be a mum.”

The woman replied, “I’m not being funny,
But raising kids takes more than money!
“I don’t want a big house or to be wealthy,
I want my kids to be happy and healthy.
I’m not after benefits or taxpayer’s cash
It’s the cost of living I’d like to see slashed.
If utility rates were not so high
I might, just about manage to get by.
If food was sold at reasonable prices
My family may not be in this crisis.
If loan companies stopped preying on folk,
Who have hit rock bottom and desperately broke.
If the Government cared about families in need
And ran the country with kindness instead of greed.
If flexible working hours were commonplace
Then people like us would not have to face,
Judgment from those who do not have a clue
What it is like to raise your kids in a shoe.”

You can read about what happened when we stopped being able to ‘just manage’ and ended up at a food bank in non-nursery rhyme form –right here..

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2 thoughts on “The Woman Who Was ‘Just About Managing’ In A Shoe

  1. I had no idea you had been struggling so much Emily-Jane, I’m sorry. I’ve just clicked the links to read the back story and I’m pleased your situation has improved. Well done you for writing such an important poem and talking about your story to educate others! This government SUCKS.

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