Are you too tired for biscuits?

plate-of-biscuitsRemember before you had children when you and your partner used to have ‘biscuits’?  Really good biscuits that you could eat whenever and wherever you liked – in bed, on the sofa or even in the bath.

You would try all sorts of biscuits together; sometimes you would enjoy the comfort of a digestive, other times you would eat a whole packet of Hob Nobs just because you COULD.

Then you have babies and you struggle to find the time or energy to have any biscuits at all. You start to worry;

“What if we go off biscuits forever?’

“Are all the other parents having biscuits?”

“Will my partner eat biscuits with someone else? Someone with more energy and a whole tin full of home-baked cookies?”  

“What if we NEVER EVER get to eat biscuits together again?”

So you start trying to make yourself eat biscuits together at every opportunity. You may be tired and juggling babies with life and a fuckload of laundry but you convince yourself that you MUST have some biscuits or your relationship will be doomed. So what if you feel and look like shit -the biscuits MUST be had or you may as well kiss goodbye to your relationship right now.

Or…you could chill the hell out. You smell like baby sick, you can’t even remember the last time you washed your hair, you haven’t had a good night’s sleep since the baby was born. You are both stressed and sleep-deprived and trying to get your head around parenthood so it is perfectly normal to go without biscuits for a while.

And for the record – your partner is tired too. Even if they are desperate for a biscuit but you are too knackered to eat – they are far more likely to go and have a small custard cream on their own, than go to the effort of trying to get into someone else’s biscuit tin.

Besides, do you know what brings you closer than biscuits? Raising little humans TOGETHER. Falling in love with them more each day and watching in amazement as they smile, laugh or sit up for the first time. Having each other’s backs during this crazy, adventure that is parenthood, in all its incredible and exhausting glory. That is better than biscuits.

While you have babies it is inevitable that some nights you will opt for sleep rather than shortbread and other nights you will fancy Oreos but get teething. But it won’t be forever.

So DO NOT worry about biscuits! They will still be there tomorrow, next month or even next year. You enjoyed biscuits before babies so you will enjoy biscuits with your partner again. Eventually, you will  be able to manage the odd nibble and before you know it, you’ll be devouring entire packets together!




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