16 things you will find in every family home

When you have children it does not take long for your once tidy and organised house to become a bit of a mess.

Nothing is ever where you left it (except crap. Crap is always where you left it. Every-bloody-where). You tidy up by shoving things in cupboards and you never seem to get around to that big ‘sort out’ you have been planning for the past two years.

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Why You Should Never Leave the House When You Have Babies

waitrose bwAfter almost three years of very little sleep I have gone beyond tired.

In fact, some days I don’t even feel sleepy any more.

So I think I am ok.

“I feel fine,” I smile to myself sipping on my super strong coffee. “Today I am going to Get Stuff Done.”

And it is on these days I decide to leave the house.

Big mistake. Continue reading

How to get things done when your baby won’t sleep or leave you the hell alone for five f**king minutes

thing to doSOMETIMES I get to the end of the day and I know I have been busy. I am tired, I haven’t eaten lunch, my back aches and I can’t remember when I last sat down.

Yet, I look around me. The washing up bowl is full of dirty dishes, there is a grubby baby sock on the kitchen sideboard, there are toys everywhere, and the baby is covered in this morning’s Weetabix.  

What have I actually been doing?  Continue reading


The third in a series of stories by mums and dads who have achieved success since having babies! Becoming parents inspired them to accomplish great things!

2Father-of-three, Ben Wakeling was not only inspired to write four books as a result of having children, but he also managed to bag himself an invite to 10 Downing Street… Continue reading


The second in the series of stories by parents who have achieved success against the odds. Having children inspired and motivated them to accomplish great things! 

Willow (2)Rachel Phillips’ experience as the sleep-deprived mother of a child with severe Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD), inspired her to set up an advice website and online specialist retail store. While the website has become a lifeline for many worried parents, the retail side of the venture has developed into a flourishing business, turning Rachel’s negative experience into a positive.
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How To Lose Your Baby Weight Without Even Trying


EVERY week another celebrity mum is pictured ‘stepping out’ looking fabulous just three months/weeks/days/hours after giving birth…

I am never surprised by this ‘news’.

I am usually more surprised that, with a newborn to look after, they  have the energy to ‘step out’ anywhere, looking anything other than like crap. Continue reading