16 things you will find in every family home

When you have children it does not take long for your once tidy and organised house to become a bit of a mess.

Nothing is ever where you left it (except crap. Crap is always where you left it. Every-bloody-where). You tidy up by shoving things in cupboards and you never seem to get around to that big ‘sort out’ you have been planning for the past two years.

If this sounds like your house, you may recognise a few of these things:

1: The Drawer of Random Crap (often turns into the Three Drawers of Random Crap).



2: The Stuff For Charity You Never Get Around To Taking To The Charity Shop.



3: The ‘Floor’drobe. Because who has time to hang things up?



4: Washing Mountain.  Is it clean or dirty? The Sniff Test is the only way to decide.



5: The Random Drawer of Wires – you are not even sure what they are for but you keep them ‘just in case’.



6: Because putting toilet rolls IN the bin is way too much effort.




7: The Art Pile. Crap the kid’s made, you feel too guilty to throw away.


8: The Bathroom Shelf Of Stuff You Might Use One Day (largely consists of hotel toiletries) .


9: The Gift Bag Bag That Keeps On Giving.



10: The Bag of Bags. You can’t throw them away, you can’t seem to remember to take them to the supermarket so you are stuck with them. For life.


11: The Filing Shelf. Unopened bills you don’t want to read but you know you have to read. But not today. Tomorrow, you’ll deal with them tomorrow.

 12: The Shoe Rack.


13: My husband and I love to watch something dirty on the TV once the kids are in bed…



14: The Room Which Nobody Must See (think, massive random drawer of crap).




15: ALL the bloody socks. Everywhere. Where do they come from?




16: Where are all the sodding lids?!


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If you house is also full of crap you are not alone – we are only human – you can read my guide to human parenting here! 


21 thoughts on “16 things you will find in every family home

  1. I used to be so proud of my bathroom. Now it is no longer the chic haven that you would find in a top hotel. No. Now there is bath paint goo stuck to the sides of the bath tub….it won’t come off. And not one bath toy. Not two. THERE’S A MILLION BATH TOYS! Empty shampoo bottles which count as toys but I’m forbidden from throwing them away. Where once I had coordinating towels all folded in perfect harmony to create a zen space of luxury in muted mauve tones I now have a huge multi coloured Ariel towel hanging off the rail. My little chic bottles of matching lotions and potions have been replaced with gaudy anti tangle shampoo and Matey bubble bath. In short…. the whole room looks like a rainbow exploded in there. 🙁

    • Same here!! Even after I have cleaned it it’s too late..there’s no going back.. i fantasise about having my own secret bathroom somewhere. Dream big!!

  2. Ong, was reading this and could visualise every single one in my house. Add ironed clothes not put away, dishes washed and not away, recurring theme ….

  3. I wish we had draws for our crap it just tends to consume our kitchen… my Mum got me a kitchen/post tidy for my birthday. The crap consumed the tidy upper thing!

  4. I love this before my sleep theif I was so clean even with a 9 year old (they are easy minus the attitude lol) but since my 14 month old terror came along nothing ever seems to be tidy in his 2 hour morning nap I clean 5 minutes after nap it seems it was pointless spending the last 2 hours cleaning I should just watch some TV and have a brew lol xx

  5. Your things are all the same as my things!! Maybe add in a collection of empty shampoo bottles on the floor of both showers. And I’m sure there’s a secret cache somewhere here of missing puzzle pieces and odd socks (why do they never go missing in pairs??!).

    Got enthused recently and moved the boxes of charity donations to the car. They’re still in the boot nearly two weeks later.

    • Oh yes! I never seem to get around to putting the empty ones in the bin! Ha ha you have inspired me. That charity bag WILL be moved into the boot today!

  6. HHaha explained abode perfectly! However, you missed out the barely worn collection of Gap, Next and OshKosh baby clothes, dead hard drives and other random boxes of stuff collecting dust under my bed (all of which will probably never be used but is certainly not rubbish!!)

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