16 things you will find in every family home

When you have children it does not take long for your once tidy and organised house to become a bit of a mess.

Nothing is ever where you left it (except crap. Crap is always where you left it. Every-bloody-where). You tidy up by shoving things in cupboards and you never seem to get around to that big ‘sort out’ you have been planning for the past two years.

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Pyjamas are the new skinny jeans! The revolution…


I promised you a revolution and it starts here!

We are told baby-weight is bad.
We are inundated with pictures of celebrity mums ‘stepping out looking fabulous just three weeks after giving birth’!
We have images of perfect post-baby women in all their air-brushed glory shoved in our faces every day! So WE are making a stand.

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