GUEST POST: How to survive the ‘C’ word – coping with colic

(Picture: Getty)

A guest post by naturopathic nutritionist Lisa Sheehy.  

SO you survived morning sickness, dealt with not drinking even when the world drove you to it, and managed to somehow bend, roll over and sleep with an enormous bump.

Labour was everything they warned you about and more but finally your baby was born. Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, overwhelming love and that deliciously scented head.

You sunk back into a plump nest of V shaped pillows and organic linen as the baby slept peacefully. A mother at last, creator of life, accomplished, calm and fulfilled. Right?

Well, maybe not so much  – reality can bite. Sore nipples, sleep deprivation, sore lady bits and a desperate need for some peace can be tough. Because babies cry. A lot. Around two hours a day in the first six weeks according to a recent study.  

But what if you have fed, burped and nappy changed your baby and they still cry. What then?

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