Why I am not buying my kids ANY toys next Christmas

chirstmasSo this Christmas I have built magnificent castles out of Duplo, coloured in the entire cast of Frozen, pushed baby dolls around the house in their new pram, shouted “you have to press the button to talk” into Spongebob Walkie Talkies sixteen times, spoken to a horse and Grandad on a toy phone, played the drums and completed three jigsaws…

All by myself.

Not because I enjoy playing with toddler toys on my own, (ok, maybe a bit) but in an attempt to get my young daughters to show an interest in something other than chocolate.

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Six ways to have a perfectly imperfect Christmas

christmas kids

One of the best things about the festive season is that you can get away with breaking all the parenting rules and blame it on Christmas.

Mince pies before dinner tonight?  Why not, it’s Christmas!

Sherry in the afternoon? Don’t mind if I do! It’s Christmas!

CBeebies for two hours while I recover from that afternoon sherry, you say?  Sod it, it’s Christmas!

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