Sleep-deprivation VS PND: Depressed or tired?

Tearfulness, anxiety, loss of or increased appetite, exhaustion, lack of motivation and irritability are all symptoms of sleep-deprivation.

They are also symptoms of depression.

This coupled with the fact that depression can lead to exhaustion and exhaustion can make you feel low is why so many cases of postnatal depression go undiagnosed.

The mother often believes she is just totally and utterly shattered and that she’d be fine if she could JUST GET SOME BLOODY SLEEP! Continue reading

The Dirty Secrets of a Sleep-Deprived parent…

zx17pI used to have a clean house, clean clothes and clean hair.

Then I had children.

My standards gradually slipped lower and lower and before I knew it,  I was eating the remains of a rice cake off the floor to avoid having to walk to the bin.

Not because I am lazy; but because some days, I am just too tired to care. Continue reading


post bodyIF you have just given birth it is very likely that ‘losing the baby weight’ is the last thing on your mind.

I think speak for a lot of new mums when I say we simply do NOT give a damn whether we will ever fit into our skinny jeans again. We are more worried about whether we will ever have time to get dressed again.

Besides, the very best way to lose those extra pounds is simply to have the baby!

imagesTo read my guide on how to lose your baby weight without even trying or caring feel free to head over to Metro UK by clicking here!

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