Helping Sleep-Deprived Parents Take Over the World (or at Least Make it to the Supermarket)

stsHave you forgotten what it is like to sleep for an entire night?

Do you hate 4am? Why do babies often refuse to go back to sleep at 4am?

Do you regularly Google ‘can you die from lack of sleep?’ ‘Why the hell is my baby still awake?’ or ‘why won’t my baby stay asleep?’

Then you may be in need of some ‘sleep thief’ victim support.

Having a baby that will NOT go to sleep or stay asleep (a sleep thief) is hard work. They don’t sleep, so you don’t sleep and before you know it, your house is a mess, you look a mess and your mind is fast-becoming a mess…

Sleep-deprivation is tough. It can lead to depression, anxiety, ill-health and not to mention – massive piles of dirty laundry. Then there is the overwhelming sense of loneliness and constantly worrying that you are not being the best parent you can be (which is not true – if you are dressed and have not broken the baby after being up all night, you are doing ok).

But fear not. Help is at hand in the form of my new website. When I say ‘help’, I mean stuff that might make you feel a bit better and a little less alone. Because I assure you – you are not. Sleep Thievery is rife. The slumber-stealers are everywhere. Crashing dreams across the nation, torturing us during the twilight hours, then smiling about it in the morning. But you CAN survive.

If you are looking for a baby sleep solution, parenting advice or pretty much anything useful at all, then definitely do not visit Surviving a Sleep Thief.

However, if you would like proof that there is light at the end of the tiring tunnel of sleepless nights then you may want to read Sleep Thief Survivors – a series of stories by former exhausted parents who have achieved success against the odds. They will inspire even the most tired of mums and dads to take over the world (or at least make it to the supermarket).

I have also put together some Sleep Thief Victim Support resources that I have found to be useful during my years of stolen sleep.

There is also a Survival Guide, information on Post Natal Depression and a selection of blogs and articles on my struggle to survive parenthood!

So come along, have a read (if you are not too tired) and me know what you think!

Feel free to share your stories in the comments section on the site, help your fellow tired victims by adding your tips here or even join us for a chat on Facebook or Twitter. Misery loves company after all…

11 thoughts on “Helping Sleep-Deprived Parents Take Over the World (or at Least Make it to the Supermarket)

  1. Thanks so much for this blog, it’s so wonderful knowing I’m not alone when all my “smug” friends had sleepy babies that slept through from birth.
    My 8 month old will only sleep on the boob and everybody keeps telling me I’m making a rod for my own back and I should just let him cry, but I can’t bear to do it especially at 2am!!

    • Oh God night weaning is such a hassle when you are sleep deprived! Get them to sleep by whatever means necessary I reckon…plus i found it handy to keep a bit of boob for all the teething/bugs/colds etc! Worked better then calpol for mine! He will grown out of it in his own time so take that rod and hit those smug friends over the head with it!!!

  2. Fantastic! I’m currently being a complete idiot, reading stuff on my smartphone even though both my children are actually asleep. They’re 2 & 6 and the eldest actually sleeps through the night most nights by now, she talks loudly in her sleep though, so she still wakes me up at least once. The toddler used to be a better sleeper than his sister, but he’s taken on the responsibility of waking me up when she started sleeping more. I realized the other day that my husband has now known me longer sleep deprived than not.
    Thanks for this blog it’ll help me get through another while.

    • Yes it can be pretty tough, especially at first! The most helpful thing for me is knowing others are going through the same thing. This is more valuable to me than any ‘expert’ advice. Talking of which, i Hope you don’t mind I put your website on the resources page!

      • Mind? I’m flattered!! Thank you for thinking of me as a “resource”! I’ve shared your blog with some private online communities to help sleep deprived moms.

        And by the way, I always found “expert” advice to be quite destructive. Yes, it helps many people, but being the one with the child who won’t sleep no matter what, hearing that kind of advice made me feel all the more alone. What you’ve done here is super!

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