How To Get Things Done When You Are too Tired To Do Things

fcedcc6abd4aa83dbc2faaef6ff8e1eeIT is Christmas Eve.  All I want to do is to go to bed and sleep all day but I have two small children and Things To Do. I hate Things To Do.

‘I’ll get up, get dressed and get organised, I thought as i forced myself out of bed this morning. ‘I’ll write a list!  A THINGS TO DO LIST. And I shall do all the things.’

However, when you are tired and have kids who won’t leave you the hell alone for five minutes even writing the actual list is a major undertaking.

Anyway, in an attempt not to feel like a complete failure (and as a procrastination tactic) I wrote myself an achievable list. And I have ticked off each and every one. Go me!!

My achievable Christmas Eve Things To Do List (or how to avoid doing things).

1) Sit and think about all the things you have to do today.

2) Make a coffee.

3) Decide to write a list of things to do today

4) Drink coffee.

5) Stare at stuff that needs doing.

6) Dick around on Facebook.

7) Remember about all the things you have to do today.

8) Feel stressed about all the things you have to do today

9) Make another coffee to help you do all the things to do today.

10) Watch three episodes of Octonauts.

11) Go in kitchen to find pen and paper to write list.

13) Toddler asks you for a drink.

14) Get toddler a drink in the ‘wrong’ cup.

15) Pour toddler’s drink into the ‘right’ cup

16) Pour toddler’s drink back into the original cup.12872_357641797758594_3850193787974945229_n

17) Wipe bums x 2

18) Clean up spilt drink x 2

19) Mutter FFS under breath x 10.

20) Reheat coffee.

21) Kids ask for a snack.

22) Make snack.

23) Kids argue about bowls.

24) Shout something about Santa not giving presents to sisters who argue about bowls.

25) Reheat coffee.

26) Remember about list.

27) Can’t find a pen so decide to type list on laptop.

28) Dick around on Internet.

29) Reheat coffee.

30) Write this list.

31) Feel annoyed that you wrote a stupid list instead of doing The Things.

32) Drink coffee.

33) Sit and think about all the things you have to do today.

I am aware that in all the time I have spent writing this post I could have probably done some of the Things To Do.. Oh well I REALLY better get on with them! Happy Christmas Eve everybody!  Thanks for reading!

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