Pyjamas are the new skinny jeans! The revolution…


I promised you a revolution and it starts here!

We are told baby-weight is bad.
We are inundated with pictures of celebrity mums ‘stepping out looking fabulous just three weeks after giving birth’!
We have images of perfect post-baby women in all their air-brushed glory shoved in our faces every day! So WE are making a stand.

The media may think all new mothers are obsessed with getting back into their ‘skinny jeans’ as soon as physically possible, but the truth is we do not give a damn!
With a newborn to look after, it is more likely we’ll be trying not to lose our minds than trying to lose weight and we barely have time to get a shower let alone apply make up and straighten our hair.
When I had my first baby I was too tired to ‘step out’ anywhere and I certainly did not have the energy to wriggle my post-baby arse into a pair of tight trousers!
There is so much pressure to be the perfect parent. The last thing first time mums need is pressure to be pretty as well. So, we say it is about time we kept it real.

Let’s show the world that motherhood is beautiful no matter what we wear or weigh!

Strong is the new pretty.  Nonchalance is the new beauty. Eye bags are the new black.


So wriggle out of those tiny jeans, throw out the thong knickers and embrace the glory that is comfort clothing!

Whether you are at your happiest in a tracksuit, pyjamas, leggings, baggy tee shirts or even a fancy ball gown then anything goes.

Let’s make being happy with what we look like the new ‘skinny jeans’.


Join the revolution and Post a PICTURE of you in your favourite mum outfit on your Facebook or Twitter pages! Then nominate three friends to share theirs!

Forget Kim K’s shiny arse – let’s flood the internet with images that celebrate the real beauty of motherhood. Whatever your shape, style or size.

Joining me in the revolution is US  mum Emily from Hold Me, Don’t Hold Me and fellow UK mum Yvette from Big Trouble In Little Nappies.

We also have Australia on board with revolutionary Julie from and Glynis Ratcliffe from The Joy of Cooking For Little Assholes is taking it to Canada!

If you would like to read more about how much I do not give a toss about post-baby looks/hair then feel free to read losing the post-baby weight without trying or caring…

We are also supporting  #parentingunfiltered because parenting ain’t always pretty! Click link for details.

#notskinnyjeansselfie  Join the revolution at my Facebook..

8 thoughts on “Pyjamas are the new skinny jeans! The revolution…

  1. Yesss! I’m totally on board with this one! Received Emily’s call to arms via Twitter and will be posting my ‘pajelfie’ later this evening.

    Skinny jeans, begone! However, I think I speak on behalf of the Australian contingent when I say you’ll never convince me to throw out my thongs. Because they are my most comfortable and lazy footwear (I think what I call ‘thongs’, you call ‘flip-flops’, maybe?).

    • Ah ha yes the UK thong is a whole different and highly comfortable ball game.. unless you enjoy string up your butt! Hooray for tge revolution! Pajelfie I love that!

  2. You know I am in! Crafting my post this morning (hopefully, after Threenager finishes losing her mind for the third time in the past hour)

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