The 10 stages of getting a baby to go the f**k to sleep

ARE you looking for a way to get your baby to go to sleep and stay asleep when they do not want to be asleep?

You probably won’t find one.

At worst, they will stay awake all night. At best, you may be able to get them to stay in bed long enough for you to enjoy (neck) a glass of wine.


Bedtime can be the most stressful time of the day for  victims of a Sleep Thief.

You are completely exhausted but they are not.  They spit in the eye of your established routine and laugh in the face of consistency.

While popular methods such as bribery, subterfuge and empty threats can occasionally buy you a few hours of respite, there are currently no successful Sleep-Through-The-Night solutions for the chronic Sleep Stealer.


To find out about all the stages of getting a reluctant sleeper to go to bed, feel free to read my latest article at the Metro.

 Bedtime in ten EASY steps at Metro UK!


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