NEWS LEAK OF THE WEEK: Women to give birth at work

Welcome to a new feature called News Leaks – in which I report on the latest parenting news from across the UK (make stuff up for my own amusement). 

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PREGNANT employees to give birth at work under a new Government scheme.

Female staff will be now be expected to have their babies in the office with the help of specially appointed first aiders.

Employment Minister Tessa Jowell explained: “The vast majority of pregnant women are taking anything between two to four weeks off work while they just sit at home waiting for their babies to be born, followed by further holiday just to play with the baby.”pregdesk

She added: “I think new mums will welcome this chance to help the economy which is what being a parent is all about.”

On-site maternity facilities will also be provided so that women can return to work as soon as the baby has left the womb.

David Whip, chief executive head director at Corporate Corporations supports the scheme.

He said: “This is good news for mothers-to-be as they will not only have the chance to give birth from the comfort of their own desk but they can continue to be an integral part of the workforce right through labour.”

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*Nothing written in News Leaks should be taken literally or seriously because I totally made it all up…

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3 thoughts on “NEWS LEAK OF THE WEEK: Women to give birth at work

  1. Oh I wish this were true! I was one of the women sitting uselessly at home for 4 weeks before baby arrived. Plus, I had a 15 minute window between my waters going and contractions starting – think of the filing I could have done in that time – instead of bouncing on a big ball and panicking. What a waste! 🙂

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